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     We have a burden here at PsalmsFM. We have seen a steady shift away from good Local Christian Radio Programming. In Danville there is no Local Christian Radio. If you listen to Christian Radio I am sure that you have noticed that programming is focused to the national level. We are trying to build a station that has a focus on local ministries and surround that programming with the best Christian music today; Southern Gospel Music.

      PsalmsFM of Dan River Gospel Broadcasting formerly FBC Radio has a burden. We are doing this for the Community and believe that you will see the value that this can have for the people of Southside Virginia and northern North Carolina.

      Already The Lord has Blessed PsalmsFM. We are a full-time 24/7 internet radio, but very soon the FCC will be opening a window to “On Air” LPFM(Low Power FM). We believe that this can become a reality. But we will need your help to get there.

      If you are still reading then you must be intrigued. We would like to ask 3 things of you at this point.
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2. Share this “Friends Of PsalmsFM” page, Start a post on our FB Page and tweet us – and Get all your FB Friends and Tritter Followers to help. Show Twitter, Facebook and us just how many like Christian Radio
3. As the Lord impresses you Help us financially to build a Terrestrial “On Air” station in Southside Virgina


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